November 16, 2008



Himself: No volunteer training so estate sale-ing instead.

Herself: Happily followed G. Leaving few notes as my hand/finger are really hurting me.

We set out just to set out yesterday.

No goal. There we were on the road again at sales, and sales……books and movies for a buck……and a pink, mohair teddy bear that there was no excuse to buy at all….not even fir fifty cents.

At our very last stop, there was Marion B doing a walk about down her street of yard sales and estate sales. No wonder she wasn’t home when we wanted to deliver an “Eat, Shoots, and Leaves” panda. I was out there on her street too.

She bought a very nice chest, we helped her carry it home across the street, and we stayed for coffee with a fattening slice off coffee cake that I had not managed to buy at Costco the previous day, and visited…a gift of friendship for the day. We left her laughing over her “Poo Poo Panda” who Ate, Shoots and Leaves.

Gimme the camera…..Please.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day indeed. Glad to hear it was easy and filled with ggod times.

  2. i see the evidence. ouch. hang in there.

  3. i see the evidence. ouch. hang in there.

  4. Ouch. Hope your hand is getting better. I love just visistng with friends, its nice. Seems people just don't take the time to sit and relax much anymore.


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