November 28, 2008


The USS Midway seen from a deck on the Carnival Elation, 2008.

Himself: He was poked into sharing about his 24th birthday at a meeting then sank into happy, overfed sloth.

Herself: Tho I kept the meal simple, nuking the stuffing didn’t make it, nor did adding too much cream to the mashed potatoes.

Balance: I’ll call the Salvation Army lady back about adopting a family Monday. Today I will shuffle stuff at the Cancer Society. Need to finish washing dishes before I leave, and Bee is visiting as soon as I get home again.

It’s going to be a fun weekend. G insists we are going to be busy, but since I can’t read his handwriting in the appointment book and there’s nothing for Saturday in the online calendar, Saturday looks good to me.

Sunday is a different matter. We are off to visit with a grandfamily on the Midway after lunch. No training yet for G as a volunteer…….why don’t they schedule training on the weekends? But we will have fun finding out all the details of Beth’s first college year.

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