November 1, 2008

Yin and Yang

Chicken head G and Black Kitty M at the Magic Castle for All Ages, 2008.

Himself: Came home bursting with good news. He still has a job. Dinner out, bought camera, fixed Marion’s computer, stopped by the party, and played with the camera till o’dark o’clock.

Herself: Swimming, showered at lightening speed, worked at thrift shop, turned living room red, hamburger dinner, Frye’s, Marion’s, party, bed. Realized part way through the day that dealing with Ba will be a matter of dealing with childhood programming….I was raised to be a people pleaser. I don’t have to please Ba ever again.

Mary: Her daughter is here and will be allowing Mary to die later this Saturday afternoon. The doctor’s all agree that she has already gone.

Food: Bread and butter, bread and butter, hamburger and fries, and slice of pizza plus 2 cookies at the party.

He came home bursting with smiles.

When he first started with this company, he was one of only a few “old guys.” Most of the employees were young, good ol’ boy, auto body shop kids. G was only young at heart. Just like he did at the RAC company, he started at the bottom. Yesterday he got his fourth promotion, and he got a full bonus.

From checking files, data entry, special projects, now to “Coach”….a fancy name for a bottom line supervisor, he’s moving up.

“It’s safer over there,” the boss said as he offered G the promotion.

That wasn’t a good feeling. Are they dissolving special projects? Instead of worrying, we celebrated by stopping by Frye’s where he bought the point and shoot he wanted with his bonus. It’s a stick in your pocket, small, light, 10 pixel, Cannon camera that got good reviews. Then we were off to hang out at J’s party for Kids of All Ages at the only house in Crown Point with a puppet theater built in to the garage door and real people acting out all the rolls of trees, witches, and other magic creatures.

Magic indeed.

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  1. Congratulations, G.! I remember just a while ago, how he'd go to work not knowing whether he would come home to sty, or whether he would be given the chance to go in again the next day. This is good news.


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