December 18, 2008

Alternate Universes

The Amazing Writers Workshop at our Holiday Gathering, 2008.

Himself: He’s settling in to the variations of the new job….which isn’t really new any more, and he continues to enjoy the work.

Herself: Not one of my better days allergy-wise, but the pain was almost gone. Hurrah. Today staying dry and doing laundry.

The Holiday: Getting ready for one family’s visit on the 21st: sandwiches and cold drinks. And another two families visit on the 24th: scrambled eggs, bacon, and muffins bought at Costco Last Night.

Balance:An acceptance and a letting go..
  • There are “those” days. I had one of them last week, and I had another one yesterday.

    Once, last week, I mislaid one of my arm braces. I wear one all the time now on my right wrist, but not when I cook. So I had taken it off.

    “Have you seen my arm?” I asked G when the night was nearing bed time.

    “In the kitchen on the counter,” he replied.

    Lazily I replied, “Ah, I’ll go down in the morning and get it.” So I put on an old one, and went down in the morning to find it. It wasn’t there. I thought….”Ah, it will turn up, and after a cursory look, dropped the search. I had just reached the, “We had better buy me a new arm,” when it did turn up…..last night. It had Velcroed itself inside one of my warm fuzzy vests…….arm brace Velcro to inside vest pocket Velcro. I took the vest off its hanger, and there the brace was. Dangling. I cheered.

  • Yesterday, for me the party was over a little early. I gathered everyone together, and I was waiting for them out side our hostess’s front door. My Grumpy keys were in my hand, my head was hurting from all the perfumes, potpourri’s, and other nice smells of the holiday, and my stomach was upset because of all the potpourri’s et al. I wasn’t capable of thinking clearly either as a result of all of the above.

    The Writers Workshop had been to their last class before the holidays. We’ve gathered afterwards at Jean’s house at another beach to celebrate the season. This year, we all carpooled in the rain with Grumpy transporting three of us to the festivities.

    Jean is a darling, caring, loving woman, whose fully decorated home fills with all of us happily chatting away, eating enthusiastically, and sharing eagerly for hours as if we hadn’t been talking and sharing together for hours earlier in the day.

    Even though I stood in a door most of two hours, my allergies got to me anyway. When I found myself too nauseated to drink a Diet Pepsi, I gathering my passengers together to leave. Spreading our umbrellas to ward off the rain, we made it out to Grumpy with all our bags and baggage only to discover that I’d lost my truck key. Backtracking by all of us didn’t reveal the key.

    Two things saved the day. I hadn’t turned on the alarm…the button to the alarm was attached to the now lost truck key, and I had the extra key that came with the truck when it was new. Amazing.

    I took my riders to their cars and homes, went home myself, and searched EVERYTHING for the lost key and clicker. No luck. I went back to the party and searched carefully for my lost key and clicker. No more luck than the first time. When G came home and I had groveled deeply, we went back and searched even more thoroly with flashlights for the lost key and clicker. We didn’t find it.

    Ya know. I bet Grumpy’s key is magically attached to the side or bottom of some unforeseen spot in an alternate universe and will pop out next week just as Santa wedges his way down our unknown chimney.


  1. Seems to me that you've got a wandering black hole in your household. We also have one, though I don't know what I did except grow a bit absent minded to deserve its presence.

  2. In my experience, Maggie, I usually find a lost item after I've forgotten it and am looking for an entirely different lost item. Which keeps me perpetually one lost thingie behind all the time. I've gotten used to it. (smile)

  3. Lost things always turn up.


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