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Miscellaneous Unshown Image, 2008: Leaving San Diego on the Carnival Elation, Ballast Point sticking out into the bay from Point Loma, 2008. The sailing ships used to arrive here and before picking up their cargo, they would dump their ballast here by the side of the Point. Soon a spit of land was built up, and this is now occupied by the US Navy.

Himself: Results from the blood tests coming, but all is in the normal range at this point. Doc says he must exercise. He “says” he starts today.

Herself: Yesterday: Read piece. Ah well. Had dinner with two delightful folks. Coffee here after in the cacophony of the Christmas Mess. Today get spots burned off, and come home to pack and label the last of Christmas. We finished buying everything. Money for the kids the last two things yet to get.

Balance: Dinner out with online friends, listening to them talk of the long trip they took, life decisions, the hugs, the smiles….I so enjoyed their company.
The Bra Survey from Woman In the Moon”:

A. Do you wear a bra:
1. Always? How about Usually.
2. Never?
3. Sometimes?
4. To Bed? Never To bed.
5. On special occasions? You bet.
6. Seasonally? Sure.

B If you wear a bra:
1. What size? I claim the 5th.
2. How much do you usually pay for a bra? Under five bucks at Ross.
3. The most you've ever paid? I don’t remember, probably in the teens.
4. Is there a brand name you like? Vanity Fair
5. Wireless? Anything except expensive.
6. Wired? Usually otherwise I would have this wide, jiggly band running all around my top.
7. Lacey? Sure. I love lace. I own one with lace, ruching, flowers, and about four fabrics all in turquoise.
8. Tailored? Sure. I have a bunch of those too.
9. White? I don’t think I own one,
10, Colors? Yes.
11. If colors, what colors? Everything but white. I had white with stitching that made my breasts look like rocket cones in the 1950’s. I stopped wearing a bra in 1966, and only began wearing them again in my late 50’s.
12. How many are currently in service? Lots.
13. What do you do with your old ones? Throw them away.

C All things being equal (ah ha ha)
1. Would you wear a bra if you didn't 'have to'? Nope. They are torture devices invented by men.
2. Why do you have to? The hanging weight causes cysts.
3. Are you doing it for you or for your public? Nope.
4.If you decided not to wear a bra, would you donate the money you spend on bras to charity? Nope.
5. Or would you just buy more chocolate? LOL
6. Or more expensive chocolate? What a great idea.

D. Do you remember your first bra? See: B-11

The Living With Someone Survey

A Do you:
Live with someone? Yes, my dear G
More than one person? Nope. Thank you. I did that until I was rich enough to not have a roommate.
How many? Two in one condo.
Do you consider yourself a family? Yup. Nuclear. Isn’t that amazing. I miss members of my extended family tho like Jay the Clown, and JR the drunk. They were my support for so many years.

B Are you:
Married? Yes
Living together? Yes.
Casually? We did that for 12 years too.

C Does the person/people:
Provide services? Yes.
If so, please list:
Brings coffee, breakfast, and newspaper upstairs when he comes to dress. Empties the dishwasher. Takes out the trash. Keeps me warm at night. Puts up with me.
Share expenses? Yup. It ends up about even.
If so, please list: He brings in more money and provides the medical, dental, and his retirement. I bring in my retirement, and about half the money he does, but my retirement account, when there was money in it, paid the down payment on the condo and bought the Truck-Grumpy and most of the Toyota-Myrtle.
Provide emotional support? Yes. We differ in age but are much the same personally. We love many of the same things, and doing things with him is a form of support and caring.
If so, please list: I wouldn’t be here and sober without him.
Do things that Irritate the hell out of you? Yup, but I’m not telling you as I don’t want to ruin his image.
If so, please list: See above.

D If you live alone: Not alone until I was 31, then I had several years of insanity and living by myself while seeing things. Perhaps you might call that not being alone. Almost ten years later, I met G and life came in balance again for me.
Are you happy? N/A
Can you make it financially? N/A
Do you feel free? N/A
Do you have things your own way? N/A

E Pets:
Do you have a pet(s)? Not any longer. I really miss Frazier the abandoned tow yard cat a lot, but he had about 15 years before the cancer took him.
If so, how many?
Please list pets:
Species? G and I are cat people tho tiny dogs love G.

Cost of maintenance? Always awfully high.
On a scale of 1 to 10, general satisfaction with pet(s).

F. Chores. Who:
Cooks? Here, often me, sometimes him. I’m so very tired of cooking.
Buys groceries? Me……plan the menu and do the shopping.
Cleans up the kitchen, cupboards, fridge, stove, sink, etc? He soaks the dishes after a meal, I wash the dishes, and M does the house cleaning.
Bathroom (let's leave that general)? M, who get’s paid to do it.
Does laundry? Who ever is here when it is getting done. I did it this week. Last week it was done in bits. The week before last, he did it.
Makes the bed (takes off old sheets, puts on new ones)? We do.
Mows lawn/shovels snow? That’s why we bought a condo.
Takes care of the car/bicycle/general wheeled vehicles? Dear G, please call the Toyota folks and make an appointment for next payday. Thank you.
Puts away the pop cans/coffee cups/wine glasses/polices the empties? I do.
Pays the taxes? They are included in our mortgage.
Subscribes to periodicals? Me. Newsweek, Smithsonian, Consumer Reports….everything else comes from the library.
Calls people when something needs to be fixed? We do….it depends who is nearest the phone or feels it has to be done.
Fixes something when it needs to be fixed? At the condo: He does.

G Chores - the other kind. Who: We…….
Do you tell the days events to? To himself.
Takes (and gives) phone messages? The machine. LOL
Can you count on to generally be on your side? Always.
Tells you things you need to be told? He people pleases, and I caretake.
Do you feel safe gossiping with? I try very hard not to gossip. Gossip hurts.

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  1. Thank you for the advice, I took it and tried. But she pushed and I ended up telling her all the details of why and she tried to justify that most breeders are responsible etc etc, I finally told her that I loved her and respected her, and wanted to see her, but please don't make me go to the dog show.


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