December 20, 2008

Christmas Past

The front door, Christmas, 2004.

Himself: Feeling pretty good: Got Marie’s old computer running again after it uploaded updates that wouldn’t work with it’s programming. Fighting now to get all three computers using the same Norton….they all showed three separate dates but after two hours with a techie in India, they now all have the same date despite having different versions each. Hurrah G.

Herself: Found G the perfect stocking stuffer at the store for G. Mending…making that giant pile of things vanish. Marie called. Marvelous grades. I’m so very proud of her.

The Holiday: Groceries for tomorrow and the 24th. Going through old holiday pictures. Buying cheese, making chicken salad, that sort of stuff.

Balance: Being with G.
Keeping life simple is my goal this holiday.

Normally the Campo family spends some time with us Christmas Eve, but not this year. Her mom is very ill. It has thrown their holiday off, and I fully understand. Her mom isn’t getting better, and theirs isn’t a joyous holiday. I’m just grateful that they can manage an hour to stop in see us too.

“I just didn’t want you to have a fuss,” she told me.

“How about sandwiches,” I replied once we had found a date we could get together.


I bought bread. Now I have to get something to fit in the middles of bread……cheese, meat, mayo, mustard. Most of that is already in the refrigerator. Slaw. I found a wonderful new recipe. Desert.

Whipped cream, maybe too.

The Mama’s Kitchen Tree. Mama’s Kitchen feeds folks with AIDS who need help……now they help all sorts of people who need assistance. 2003.

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  1. The moma's kitchen tree is lovely!


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