December 6, 2008

The Dark Home

A High Desert cabin. Vernal UT, 2008.

Himself: Bounded out of bed.

Herself: We are both sleeping nine hours on the weekends.

Balance: Estate sale of the unusual home of two gallery owners. Lovely, large lady stuff came into the store…..but for a short large lady. At home, I went to check my mail, and couldn’t stay awake here in front of the computer. Maybe it was a balance of fairy dust and pixel dust.
There’s a home up on the side of the point that could easily creep into one’s soul. All but the darkness.

To reach the front door, one must climb the side of the earth on a double set of stairs. In the back of the house, there are gates and ramps of stone, and patios of rock that welcome one in a gradual grade down into a light kitchen. An airy office faces west off another patio.

Once in the door, dark stained woods greet the eye at every turn. Small rooms move you into more small, dark stained rooms.

Wide, dark shallow stairs with a comfortable banister lead upstairs. Here are the bedrooms and closets…. the entire width of the house is taken up with a walk in lady’s dressing room. One bedroom has windows open to the sea, and the expanse of blue fills the eye with richness. When you turn, the bed is covered with wonderful 1959’s and 60’s designer hats. Bad art fills the walls. Next door, in the largest room in the house, the master bed canopy sheds gold our into the darkness, and books line the sides of the room, unread in the darkness.

I did a quick five minute turn through this unusual house. Four sets of flowered Havilland dishes left me wanting to discard two or more of my too many sets of dishes. The dark pull out drawers in the kitchen are filled with kitchen things giving me the urge to empty out my shelves, my crammed drawers, and rethink what I use.

I leave the multi-layered house admiring the ingenuity that created this drama in dark wood, admiring the creativity of it all yet longing for a bit of light, longing for white walls and air and sunshine.


  1. Fascinating. You'll have to tell the background of this story or experience.


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