December 30, 2008

Doh - mess - ticities

Pico asleep in the chair…but not for long, 1980.

Himself: Came home to blitz through pancakes while I egged. That was such a nice breakfast for dinner. Thanks G.

Herself: Swam. Failed domestics 101 and wrote instead.

Balance: Didn’t do well at balance, but did well at writing. I’ll try for a better balance in life today.
We are outta milk. We are almost out of sugar. I’ll have bread and butter instead. We are out of butter? Maybe I had better get to the store after all.

I spent my day, after I recovered from the chill of the pool, with my nose in my computer. I had been wanting to prepare some small entries for the days I cannot do two finger typing after surgery. Yesterday I got stuck in Prora. Really stuck. It’s the largest remaining artifact left from the Third Reich. Imagine a hotel that will hold 20,000 guests.

What I wrote to in the end is a nice soulless article on Prora. No life to it. No humor, no nada, just bowls of facts in tidy order. Very boring.

What I want to know is why Hitler wanted a vacation hotel that would house 20,000 workers at once. Knowing that sort of fact would put a little spice in my tale or a little heat in the kimchi.

Instead of spending my today marshalling facts, I need to marshal recipes. Something for the slow cooker. Something for the tastebuds too. Three meals a day through next Monday, then after confessing to the weight gain, lots of no fat, no salt, and small portions to rule the day.

Can I even remember my Weight Watchers password?

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  1. Now you have ME intrigued about why Hitler would want 20,000 workers in his vacation hotel. So do what writers do best: make it up! "As seen through the eyes of ..." Have fun with it. Inquiring minds wanta know!


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