December 14, 2008


Miscellaneous Unseen Images of 2008: An Oxymoron actually. Now why I took this, I will never know. Documenting the Carnival Elation…that must be why.

Himself: “I had a good day yesterday.” Smiling all the way.

Herself: Mid-century modern estate sales. I was pooped after two, but G continued on and the last was simply wonderful. I picked up a copy of “Jack and Jill” by L. M. Alcott and was shocked to rediscover the Victorian mores. Silly me. I’m reading it anyway just to find out what happens.

Balance: Wrapping done. Looks great too. Christmas looks much smaller and much more simple than in past years. That’s good. Today’s balance will be cleaning up after ourselves.
Caught up in the passion of Marion B’s tulips, yesterday morning I found myself the owner of a giant glass vase of red tulips. Sitting now on the overly Victorian small dresser, they delight the eye the moment you enter the living room. Oh, yes, I thought they would be overkill. I thought that I would have added just one more thing to the over crowded living room that would push me out of the room, but no.

And from the same estate sale, G found a small, white and brown spotted, carved wooden cat from Mexico.

“Where’s his fishing pole?” Asked the cashier. Just then an assistant came in carrying a small pole with a dangling fish. Hurrah….we took him down to the car carefully then after carrying him upstairs equally carefully, I found the fishing pole missing. “Oh, No!” I cried, and step by step I backtracked to find it on the ground just outside the trunk of the car.

At another estate sale, just up the hill and around the corner, I found two charming sixties coffee cups. So, just like last week when I came home to clean out the kitchen utensils, this week I came home to clean out the cup and glass drawers. Now there’s a box of things to go away, who needs things like fifteen Charger and Padres plastic glasses, and there is even empty space on the shelves.

I spent a wanton eleven dollars on flowers, cups, and even got a few small but fitting Christmas gifts. Best of all my kitchen begins to resemble a usable kitchen. Sometimes an eleven dollar expenditure is worth far, far more in the long run.

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