December 8, 2008

Holiday Orts

Unseen Images 2008: The Spreckles Organ, Balboa Park. G took a far better shot of these front pipes of which many are fake, but I don’t have his image.

Himself: He was a happy man yesterday. Singing. He sent large amount to the one CC we now use. There are some things that still will go on it, unfortunately like the internet connection and the meds.

Herself: Managed to stay awake all day. This morning: the Monday morning Bee call and a Pulmonary Surgeon’s visit about the leg swelling. Calling the Salvation Army lady again today.

Balance: A feeling of accomplishment.
We stopped by that estate sale one last time for a set of flat ware……in its original box and marked “Patio Flatware,” a 1960’s Japanese stainless with black bone or composite handle. I’ll give Duck’s Russell Wright to Marie, and we will try these out. The Russel Wright knives didn’t fit in our hands.

The sky was a threatening black while we ran our errands, but as we started home again you could see a clear front limning a following blue sky. By then we had planned indoor activities such as mastering the use of Mail Merge in Office 2003.

Thanks to the good Orthopedic doc’s shots, I can hold a pen again and have begun typing. That doesn’t mean I am doing the Holiday cards. Nope, I one fingered the addresses into my computer, G got it to print the addresses, I picked out the cards from a tub of loose cards we have collected over the years, and G wrote our names. It’s the first time he’s taken part in this, and it was fun doing it in company.

I do owe the boys in Barcelona a current photo card of all Sallie’s brother and sisters. I did write the Low family….they have four kids and no contact with us. I sent them all current images of the other grandkids.

I used to wonder why so many grandparents took cruises over the holidays. It’s all the torn feelings, confusions, and busy lives at the holidays from which they are running away. G works. The Campo family works. Now Grandkids work. Some family members do holiday things, others do not. Some family members do family anywhere else but here. One grandmother is fading. Coordinating family for this one gathering isn’t proving easy this year. Email flies here and there. Others do not respond at all. What happened to a brief gathering on Christmas Eve?

I keep thinking that I had needed to start planning this yearly dinner and present sharing in October. Maybe we need to just open the door and put on a pot of coffee Christmas Eve….no fuss, no invitations, no muss. I like that idea tho that doesn’t feel quite right. It may be what we have for the future. I boxed and tagged presents hoping our choices would please while thinking about our own roll as grandparents. Thinking of our own choices.

With the death of her father, Bee is thinking of running away to Washington DC and visiting museums. Right now, I want to do that too.

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