December 2, 2008

Maggie's Excellent Adventure

On the road again…….this time by bus. Road picture taken on old 101 as I cannot seem to get Google Maps to work here or in OD.

Himself: Feels more comfortable every day with the new work he is doing.

Herself: Stomach fine legs and arms swollen and have hives. This is great progress. After yesterday’s market drop, I keep expecting my broker to call and tell me I’m broke.

Balance: Yesterday: Bus pass and groceries. Library too. I’ve been reading my stash of sale books and haven’t been to the library in months. I don’t like the branch, but I found some great books. It was so much fun to come home, be domestic with dinner, then curl up with a book and a cup of tea.
My eldest doesn’t have a car nor can she afford one. She wanted to know if she could borrow some pen and ink pieces to show in her art class for extra credit points.

“Sure,” I told her then discovered that I absolutely had to be at my Writers Workshop tomorrow to find out the fate of the class. City funding cuts have eliminated our classroom, and we are not a bunch of happy campers.

“I’ll grab what art I can carry,” I told G, “and take the bus up to meet you after work. We can drive up then and drop it off before the worst of the traffic.” I didn't want to drive up during the day and leave good art on her porch in that neighborhood.

“Why don’t we put the art in the car tonight, and you can take the bus with your arms free,” he retorted sensibly.

I called the bus folks to discover that if I leave here about 12:15, I get there about 2:17….plus a long two block walk up hill. I called back this morning to discover the bus goes up the hill. I can cut out part of my walk. Oh, lazy me.

I’ll pack like I am going for a trip. A coat…for it is sixty degrees here at the beach. Layers, because it is supposed to be almost eighty degrees inland yet it will be cold when we come home. I’ll add a bottle of water. How about a camera. Then again, I’ll take a book so my nose will be deep in paper. Obviously I’m taking a bigger backpack than I usually wear.

“I don’t pick M up from daycare until 4:30,” she told me last night. “But M’s daycare is right next door to Amvets.”

Oh heaven, a road trip and Amvets. What more could anyone want she says humming, “On the Road Again.”


  1. Mage, I really like the style of this post. Sounds so upbeat and you so copy and happy!

  2. Thank heavens G. thought of putting all the art in the car!


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