December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas. This is my favorite photograph of the 2008 Christmas.

Himself: Left for work singing a Christmas song.

Herself: Needing to stay in the moment. My computer has lost everything once so far today and Snapfish is overloaded and won’t open.

The Holiday: Examples of Rule 62 will keep me going.

Balance: Focus on “Rule 62” this holiday.
I’m almost clean. Nothing to eat. Black coffee to drink. I’m off in a few moments to my doctor’s office for my pre-op tests. It’s like passing in review. Weeks before the actual act, thanks to insurance parinoias, are two pre-ops for the upcoming surgery on my hand.

I’m not going to be a grump about this. Dash in, do tests, and come home to putter around the house. Tonight kids and granddaughters stop by for a light meal, and I’m going to work at making me lite and smiling. Lite Gramma….perhaps even with the heater on.

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  1. That room looks so cozy. I love floor to ceiling books on shelves.


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