December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

The two sisters, Christmas 2008.

Himself: Got let out work early, picked up Marie early, and spent the rest of the day being Grampa a the hyperactive 3 year old. He’s my hero.

Herself: Acceptance meant I did awfully well as the daughter of my autocratic Mother. It was a very good day.

The Holiday: An AA meeting at home with three of us in the program Christmas Eve, and today presents and a noon meeting by the beach then comfort food in each others company.

Balance: Comfort stuff all day. A heated house, good conversations and silences, and comfort food for dinner: Noodles and cream cheese, cabbage, and kielbasa after which we will finish ourselves off with a brownie.

Sahara, Milaka’s daughter, hating to have her picture taken by gramma.

The Madgie, her new nickname, with G and dressing to go outside in her new coat.

A triumph of the Christmas spirit, a Barbie bike for a little girl who loves Barbies,

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