December 29, 2008

No Fur

London 2001, he looks beyond tired, and I am still smoking under my fur collar.

Himself: Just for a moment we went out to return the wrong sized bulbs.

Herself: I found a coat.

The Holiday: Done, fini, we can move on now no matter what the retailers say.

Balance: Wallowing happily in my piles of books while there was winning football on the TV to keep G happy.
I’ve been at this now for several months. I’ve even mentioned it multiple times. There’s been a search for an all purpose coat, and it has been carrying me along with it though rather haphazardly.

Oh, I have coats. I have a long black wool coat that I adore. I have a Levi coat. I even have a couple of windbreakers. I have suit coats, I have dress coats, and I even have a trench coat. None of them quite met the need: A coat big enough so I could wear layers under it in Alaska, waterproof, yet light enough to wear here in the 40 degree winds of a California winter.

Compromise coats are hard to find. Just like the Republicans re-thinking the core of their party, I had to rethink my idea of a coat.

Yesterday we were out running errands and stopped by bottom seller Ross Dress For Less. There we found a coat just as we were leaving. This one is black and silver. It’s a very straight lined man’s coat lined in fleece, and sporting all the bells and whistles. No fur on the hood….that’s why I got rid of the last green coat I wore to Paris…fur around the hood. It’s big enough too; I can wear sweaters and a shirt or two underneath. Without the stuffings tho, it’s small enough so it won’t fall off here during an average winter. We need to test it for water leakage tho we can do that later this week.

What was that survey question yesterday? It asked, “How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2008?” “Cheap, limited by the space in my closet, limited by my budget and size, and solid colors that will mix and match. Boring, boring, boring,” I replied. This coat fits all those criteria. Very boring indeed.

I’ll get a lot of wear out of it tho you can hear me sigh.

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