December 23, 2008

Rule 62

The 2005 Christmas tree dressed in blue and white. The poor battered tree sold last week from the Cancer Society thrift store last of all the trees. It will have a new home. We are pleased.

Himself: Half asleep when he got home. Didn’t feel well. He spends his days now working with College graduate experts in Mexico City who are actively practicing the MaƱana Theory.

Herself: Not only were we hot the night before, my stomach wasn’t ok….and not ok all day yesterday too. We didn’t get much sleep Sunday night. We did last night, and I feel really good today. Me? Today I am actively practicing the Rule 62 Theory.

The Holiday: Examples of Rule 62 will keep me going.

Balance: Focus on “Rule 62” this holiday.
Rule 62, “Don’t take yourself too damn seriously.” I do. That’s a definite failing with me.

I lean, without any effort, toward the pompous. The old “My way or no way” thing can too easily get out of control…watch me. My Mother’s Mrs. Gotrocks routine is genetic. I am living proof….just wait a moment while I find my diamonds. Or her diamonds.

I don’t just “care”…..that’s me telling you once how to live right the right way, I “caretake.” Caretaking, as defined by my own expert, is telling you how to live the right way ten thousand times in a row continuously. Streaming caretaking. I’ve spent a great deal of my lifetime learning how not to caretake. Of course my learning doesn’t stick and I have to caretake myself continuously. Contiguous caretaking.

Then again, there’s nobody to tell me I can’t caretake myself.

My expertise with obsessions, bad habits, uptight behaviors, and over the top thinking all comes to a head during the holiday season. The only way to get me to shut up and outta your face is send me to a mood altering gathering.

The one nearest our house is a newcomers meeting. Christmas Eve we will have the kids here, the bah-humbug daughter too, and we will take Marie and MMmmmmmmmmm home after dinner via as many lights as we can find. By Christmas morning, we will need a heavy dose of laughter….at ourselves. I’m sure we will be able to find it down the hill among those who are just learning that AA is a good way to start life anew.

Mixing in laughter with pratfalls is a good way of life, indeed.

The tree robed in red and gold, 2004.

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