December 10, 2008

A Star

Unshown Images, 2008: Texaco Star, Vernal, UT, 2008.

Himself: His yearly physical today.

Herself: Wrote and edited all day. Going to read the house piece in class today.

Balance: Just for a moment the one mom clarifies our holiday meeting…..tighter again and again. Meanings for one person aren’t meanings for an other person. I hadn’t known that I had needed to be so specific. I think it is her mom’s continual downhill slide that’s making this year so difficult for her. It didn’t matter whose confusions they are, I apologized. I’ll be more specific next year.
  • Writing for me is a easy rush of those first words then a hard struggle to make them flow later. It’s like constructing a big painting…..the first, big, passionate brush strokes, the first ideas easily going down on the canvas or paper, then a retreat to see what the piece needs next, and next, and next. When it comes to words, the pieces always need hours of hacking and slashing. It’s not innate.

  • Had dinner uptown with a friend who was a dance companion on the QE2 for the last six months. Men not women. Yes, they do pay their agents from 10 to 25 bucks a day to get the job. Yes, they get free room and board. They have to work set hours in “costume:” black or white tie, kakis and blazer sort of thing. He prefers to walk the stops himself rather than go on the tours. He can do those too. He said the food was wonderful, and they kept her up right to the last minute when they turned her over in Dubai.

    He brought me back some lovely goodies and told a bit about the journey. He was a bit reticent, and I didn’t know what questions to ask. It was a good visit anyway. I hugged him before I discovered he had a cold.

  • Woman in the Moon has offered us some marvelously inventive quizzes lately. Bras. Who would have thought a discussion of bras could have been so amusing. Then she socks-it-to-us with Living-With-Someone which begs more questions at the end. Now today, she digs in with a general one. Knowing her, there’s nothing general about it at all. I’m looking forward to playing with these later today after I finish suffering through reading.


  1. cool star. just in time for the dark season. i like re-purposed art and would put this up in lieu of xmas tree. will aka tugster

  2. Ah, Will, but I like Christmas Ornaments. I'm a failure as a Christian, but I sure do like those older glass ornaments. So I put them on a tree, and create a many month sculpture. :)


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