December 12, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere

Miscellaneous Unseen Images of 2008: Para-sailer of the tip of Cabo San Lucas, Baja CA.

Himself: Talked with the bosses about the project problem. Hurrah. Rode the bike yesterday. This is a huge change.

Herself: Wasn’t myself. Didn’t have a good day. I was a bobble head. Even the book I was reading didn’t have a good day. Today: No swim because of the giant front blister, thrift store. I do so enjoy that.

Balance:….was achieved by sitting for an hour and reading, or skimming, a with a book in hand and a diet Coke to nurse. Ommmmmmm.
I keep reading new authors for a number of reasons….the primary one being that if I don’t, I soon won’t have anything new to read at all. Secondly, then my brain will shrink. I have that problem already, shrinking brain……shame on me. After my brain has shrunk to pea size, G will have to put me into a nursing home along with my computer. I wish to stall this action off as long as I can, so I read new authors.

I always have arguments with these new authors too. Of course they do nothing right. Every chapter a new hero, for instance. How can I keep focused on everything when even within a chapter my new author changes point of view four times on me. I’m a simple city girl here. I sip my water, I read, and when I spill my water, which I always do, after the madhouse of cleaning it all up I do come back to my book and want to be able to easily pick it up where I left off.

Last night I really spilled my water. Not just on my desk…….did I mention that it leans toward the outside wall…then the water ran everywhere especially toward that hard to access outside wall, but on the clean carpet, flooding the hard copy ephemera that goes with my journal, then under the monitor, scanners, and into the keyboard. Oh, for a few moments, it was truly water, water everywhere.

“G, help!!!!!” I yelled.

He galvanized into action showing up seconds later at my elbow with a selection of towels. I moved things out of the ever widening pool of water. He aired this, I wiped that, ephemera flew everywhere, while himself’s sense of humor almost deserted him. But thanks to himself, I was soon back considering the newest new author who crumbled her pages into too many bits for my brain to handle at once. Retreating, I found that even my trusty companion, the computer, was of no help at all.

When I found myself with my chin bobbing on my chest as if I were a baseball bobble doll, I quit everything to go watch “Top Chef.” Then found myself torn once again…..”Top Chef” or Modern Marvel’s “Ice Breakers.”

Sometimes, life is all about choices……water or no water, snoring or no snoring.

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  1. Just go with the flow, Mage, no pun intended. (hee hee)


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