January 26, 2009

Birthdays and Other Wrists

The Carnival Spirit leaving as a bit of a storm works its way up from Mexico.>

Himself: He’s 29 today and holding. Chocolate cake, maybe steak, and if I can find asparagus in the middle of the winter, we will have roast asparagus. Movie: Yesterday he picked “Inkheart,” a very Grimm fairy tale, and we enjoyed ourselves no end.

Herself: Ah, a lunch of M&Ms with a soup con of properly buttered popcorn. Once through JCPenny’s where it was a 2 for 1 on sale stuff, and he got himself some new sale stuff. By today, wrist much redder looking where the stitches still are despite frequent wipes down with an alcohol pad and prescription silver sulfasomethingorother for the last three days. More stitches out today.

Finished reading the new Stephanie Plum…….glued to it in one sitting until done.

Balance: Turning my wrist over and enjoying the day.

Caught my attention: Journaling at “As Time Goes By,” A guest entry by Steven.

After I talk with Bee, after I make up the menus for the week that include a fattening meal for dinner tonight plus chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and after I eat a very light lunch, I go in to have more stitches……those things they now call sutures, out of my hand.

I do so like those comforting things that come before and after.

No one wants to be told that your wrist doesn’t look good…..it doesn’t. I did follow all the instructions but one. “Go to the emergency room if it becomes infected,” isn’t one of those directions I will follow easily. I’m pissed. It’s their fault they left stitches in, and cost is a major factor. I called them the moment I discovered the little black threads. They said, “Come in on Monday.” I worried and fussed with alcohol wipes and non-antibiotic creams all weekend. Ah well.

Today is G’s continuing 29th birthday. I do have a picture of him at 28….or was he a little older. Certainly it was his long blond locks that drew him to me.

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