January 3, 2009


Facebook faces.

Himself: Boring day because he wanted to be home. Took me out to dinner. Loved the three new shirts.

Herself: Spent morning sorting and afternoon in bed.

Balance: Was eating out even with two meals cooked and waiting in the ice box.
”We couldn’t sign in to the Snapfish Album,” wrote the family in Spain. “Do you have Facebook?”

Once, long ago and far away, I had tried Facebook and found it too confusing for me. But I want to share pictures with the Spain family, so we will try it again.

“They say our email address is unsupported,” said G. “They do support Yahoo, and we have a Yahoo address…” Long pause., “Which has been deactivated….”

Ah reality.

The most important thing I can do today is continue to take all those 20th century cold cures plus one 21st century spray. I woke wrapped this morning in sweat dreaming I was lost and couldn’t remember G’s cell phone number.

“It was just the cold,” he said while making coffee. “Take your Zinc. Where’s the Echinacea, and the vitamin C.”

I added DayQuil and Zicam while he was picking a portrait for Facebook. I look remarkably disease free in our picture. No one would ever know.


  1. I joined Facebook to share photos at the request of my group in China. I still don't understand it completely. Maybe if you write about your experience, I'll get some clues.

  2. Facebook is not user-friendly; I'm stumbling around myself. One reason is lack of interest on my part I suspect, since I only joined at the behest of an old friend who asked me to join, then promptly quit logging on or answering my emails herself! Hummmph! Some old friend, huh?!

  3. Very cute photo. I have mixed feelings about facebook, I do not have an account but Daisy does.


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