January 4, 2009

Gramma Maudie

Grandma with her sisters, top to bottom: Eunice, Maud, Minnie May, and Grace. I started calling her Grandma Maudie so my kids could tell the difference between the many gramma’s still alive when they were kids.

Himself: Played on the computer most of the day.

Herself: Spent most of the day in bed, reading, with only one nap.

Balance: Zicam.
Just before the end of the year, I cleaned off my desk surfaces. There was a pile of old images on the scanner to be scanned. There was a mountain of tax things to put in some vague order, you know….those important sorts of things.

I actually got them done.

Grandma at Hamline College with her friend Shirley on a cleaning day, late 1800’s.

I’d stalled forever on the scanning because everything had been scanned once and lost once. I just hadn’t wanted to do it all a second time around. I’d really let the ephemera pile up too. I keep odds and ends like special letters and cards from friends in an acid free storage box. The “new” way of journaling. The “new” say means I need to go buy another expensive, acid free box for 2009 also. I’d been stalling on that too.

Today I’m feeling livelier.

Grampa Horace, Gramma Maude, and my father with his first car, Gooberita.

“You’re going to the Auto Show?” I asked that of the car guy? Silly me. He’s singing. I know he’s going. “I need another archival journal box.” Two needs, one day. We aren’t mentioning the laundry.

At her apartment dining room table where we would play by the hour when I visited….where she would draw to earn a little extra money after Grandpa’s death. Her income was $85.00 a month.

I’ll go to the show too. Take a few photos, sit with a book, say hi to the security guys. Afterwards we can get me a new box. By the time we get home again, not only will I be beat, I will feel as if I beat the cold just a little bit by getting out there in the world again.

At Mother’s breakfast room table, Grandma in her last year. Old Polaroid. 1965.


  1. Stunning photos. Particularly like the one with Gandma Maudie.

  2. I love the old photos. I have acid free boxes of them I don't want to scan. Maybe some day...

  3. I love the photos too, Mage! My favorite is the stacked four, the first one. Beautiful ladies all. (My daughter swears by Zicam too!)

  4. Wonderful photos! Amazing how the value of the dollar has changed. I bought a '53 Ford for $50 in 1961.


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