January 12, 2009

If It Doesn't Get Done.........

No one should have this many wadded up, jammed on a shelf, unfolded dishtowels.

Himself: Did honey-do’s, found some time to play, and ate at a new place.

Herself: Did a lot of planning and shopping, practiced being one handed….not always a success, but didn’t get cooking done. What doesn’t get done today can wait until the bandages are off next week. Surgery tomorrow morning. I’m at the hospital at 0530.

Balance: Feel so lucky to be here.

It’s a one handed menu beginning with “Dinner out.” I could do that.

Chili, corn bread, and salad for Monday, soup and an avocado-grapefruit salad for Tuesday night, and macaroni and cheese with slaw for Wednesday. Simple. All pre-made….that’s me today. Old fashioned. Small portions…….no, I don’t have to have fourteen hotdogs with my macaroni and cheese, thank you. I can make the chili and the avo salad today tho. I’ll make the slaw, he can make the green salads when needed.

I finished scanning the 1999 journal before heading to the grocery store, and we hit three stores. Von’s darkened their stores to make them “More intimate.” I asked. That’s the response. I can’t see when shopping any more. Our options changed as we grow more persnickety.

I drink a coffee-chicory combination, and none of our local stores carry either choice now. Out in El Cajon, the Albertsons has one of them. So, first out to the hinterlands for coffee, then to the local Tarjay for G’s WW lunches……he doesn’t like Stump’s freezers thinking they are badly maintained. Then to Stumps, a local family owned market that we support over the big chains.

“I’m going to clean out the pantry,” I told G rather pompously….before actually looking at the problem. When the groceries were settled, I started by pulling things out. Just the dishtowels overwhelmed my tiny kitchen counter, and I promptly took a break.

Today the mending has crept up on me again. A button here, a neck on my favorite turtle neck sweater there. I’ll baste the shoulders of the green velvet….why didn’t I think of that before. Most importantly, I'll cook. The day will go way too fast.

I’ll be back in two or three days…..as soon as I am out of pain and can one hand a keyboard.

See that tiny pile on the top left shelf…..those are the folded dishcloths after organizing and discarding.


  1. "No one should have this many wadded up, jammed on a shelf, unfolded dishtowels."

    I'm in trouble, then. I have at least that many sitting on top of the dryer. I keep adding to the pile, but they never seem to make it upstairs to the pantry, where there's an equally large pile, albeit sort of folded.

  2. I'll be watching for your return, thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery. I'm impressed with how organized you sound. I guess I'd just eat freezer/microwave dinners if I was one-handed.

  3. Oh! wishing you a very speedy recovery. I hope things go well and you feel better quickly. you will be missed!

  4. I'm feeling empathy for you already--typing this with one hand (the right one) in a brace--while wishing you an uneventful surgery and speedy recovery. I know you'll be back better than ever. 'Can't keep a good blogger down! And I, too, am impressed at your organization and attention to details.


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