January 6, 2009

Into Storage

Into storage indeed. 1980.

Himself: Had a fast paced day. He likes that. Became a Great Uncle again too.

Herself: Freed for surgery if my cold is gone by Monday. Sinuses still blocked. Chest free. Housekept.

Balance: Only once or twice winded and sweaty. Felt really good all day.

  • Housekeeping here. My browser kept dying the other day. I’d do something……poof, it was gone. I’d go back to finish the job, and poof, it would vanish again. Obviously there was a browser something-I-was-doing incompatibility. I finished the job despite the crashes, and yesterday I began housecleaning my HD. Journals from 06 have now vanished off my HD onto the backup HD. Photos: 03 and on are gone too. Writings from 74 on are backed up, doubled checked, and gone off this HD.

    G promises to get this all on disc. Hopefully asap as even backup HD’s fail. Maybe this rigorous housecleaning will let my computer live a little longer, tho I confess that now I am very paranoid as my life’s work is over there on one single HD.

  • Got the menu planning and shopping done: Half size servings: 1. Knockwurst and macaroni and cheese with a giant veggie salad. 2. Twice baked potatoe, roasted green beans, tossed green salad. 3. Baked squash, stuffed tomatoes, (and something green.) 4. Cheese omelets, fruit salad. 5. Out. I like that.

  • Virtuosity here on all fronts. I tidied up the cookbook shelves. At an estate sale this last weekend, I picked up Submariners Wives fundraising cookbooks galore. I find these things fascinating. From Comptche to the Old Globe Guilders, organizations used to use them as fund raisers. You rarely see them now, but many of the recipes are old family treasures handed down generation after generation.

    I tidied up the Ocean Liner shelves too. Thanks to my beloved G, I had more liner books than shelves. By packing up old journals and bringing them up here to be scanned then stored, I freed up two shelves. It looks like only five or six more ring binders of journal stuff to scan, and I will be done with that job. Finally.

    By stopping by the Container Store and getting a new archival storage box, I had somewhere to put the ephemera from the 2009 journal. By stopping by Tar-jay, I now have plastic storage boxes in which to ensconce my old journals. Into storage I go.

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