January 23, 2009

Journal Projects

G packing up the 1989 show. There seems to be a world wide image problem according to Blogger. I noted it was prevalent only my latest album in Snapfish where I couldn’t see some of the photographs either.

Himself: Continues doggedly walking over two miles every day. Smaller portions too. I’m awfully proud of him.

Herself: Slowly walked a mile. Did too much here……hand sore. Didn’t have desert…..other than a WW sorbet….you would be proud of me. The Kludas on newer cruise ships arrived. Reading a travel book. Eating vastly less. Stomach happy tho swollen legs and itchies have returned.

Balance: They liked my poetic doodle at the lunch. I made their suggested changes.
  • More of those organizational dots.

  • Projects: I think my hand is strong enough to lift and separate the pages from a three-ring, bound journal. I can go back now to scanning the images from these last printed out journals and finish this project. G said he would make sure my backup journals are all on CD this weekend, so that will bring it all nearer completion.

    My paper journals, up to 1959, burned when my Victorian house burned in the seventies. I didn’t start keeping a journal again until 1974. For years I kept printing out my journals even after I bought a computer as a form of permanence…perhaps.

    For almost forty years they have been my daily companions. When Dale would come to visit, he would always take a moment and read them….as would my sculptor friends Tom and Don. No one much reads the old volumes now. Including me. No they don’t have much content value, but they are one of those records that would be a great loss if they were to vanish.

  • Projects 2: Go back and photograph Marion B’s new computer station, and the apartment that goes down the hill. But…..I cannot reach Marion. Her son is moving her computer, and as of last night both the computer and phone line were down. I’ll try again, resolutely, to reach her today to confirm we will be there Saturday noonish.

  • Projects 3: Perhaps I have among the fifty years of poems on this computer enough to make up a chapbook….”of 8, 12, 16, or 24 pages often illustrated with crude woodcuts….” says Wikepedia’s article on chapbooks. No problem here, I live to illustrate. My only problem is that I’m not a poet.

  • Journal Project 2009: Write and post the daily journal online then remove the coding and add images. Did I say boring task. Did I say I have been avoiding this daily act for ten years. It needs to be done though. Now all one sees when opening my saved journal entries is code instead of images. That’s not what I want to offer to others after I am dead. Can’t you hear them, “Oh, she could do that old style coding, look…..but how do we retrieve her images?”

    That would be me doing it now.
    Oh, boring. But it has to be done. It will soon become habit. One hopes.
    Sometimes all one can do for oneself is laugh.


  1. Don't be silly. Yes, you are a poet.

  2. I agree with Meridian, everyone is a poet.

    Be sure to have as many interesting and fun projects and not only the clean up sort of ones.

    Health status, feeling better, more or less. Laptop has come down with a sad case of horrible symptoms after I spilled a soft drink on it... I'll be back blogging soon.

  3. All writers are poets, although I might add a word (for many of us, including me) in front: frustrated!


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