January 2, 2009

Laying Down on the Job

If you want me, I’ll be laying down on the job, 2006.

Himself: Waited on me without touching me. Smart man.

Herself: Being an unwilling participant in the cold of the year.

Balance: This day, doing nothing with a smile was all I could manage.
They want me to come into work today for three hours.

Silly them.

“Do they want you to come in and infect everyone?” G asked.

“I’m all by myself in the back room.”

“That’s good,” he said blowing me an air kiss.

I missed the real kiss, but it is a far better thing than he getting the cold too.

Parting remarks, “I suppose I'll get it too.”


  1. Lie down, feet up, tea pot on, romantc film on... there has got to be ways to make that cold of yours disappear.

  2. Darn! This is no way to start the New Year, dear heart. Mucho mojo on its way. With hugs.

  3. Thank you both. Now after dinner out, despite all the food in the house, we now have zinc, echinacea, vitimine C, and Zicam. Every ten years someone comes out with a new cure, and I think we bought them all tonight.


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