January 7, 2009

Life is Just a Filled Hard Drive

(TMI: Computer Stuff: read at your own peril or boredom level.)

Mohave. March, 1999.

Himself: Forced him into “Honey-Do’s” yesterday. He oiled the wood furniture he said he would….it does look better now. He worked on his old computer….all after emergency reactions to “Mañana” on a file in Mexico.

Herself: Spent most of my day doing housekeeping on my computer. Today: last day of the semester and old meeting place.

Balance: Tired after swimming, but mucho improved.

A really filled Hard Drive, (HD), in this case. Can you believe it. I actually filled up my allotted space on the old Gateway we are using for storage.

I was happily dragging and dropping old pictures from my antique to the storage antique when it happened. One of those little grey notices appeared. “Full,” it told me with it’s little red X. I didn’t believe it. I thought there was a 120 Gigabyte Hard Drive in there. “Full.” It insisted. Very discouraged, I returned to adding more to mine.

I’d wanted to find out exactly what “full” meant, but continuing neophyte that I am, I couldn’t remember how to find that little pie chart that tells percentage of full. I can understand pie charts. I can’t remember where things are on a computer if I never use them.

(For those who are interested: Open Windows Explorer; Right click on your primary HD…on mine it is my C drive, on the storage computer it is the E drive; Right click on Properties.)

G at Disneyland, Mage on QM, Mohave going to a tea party, 1999.

Pulling the first of the old journals up to the scanner, and the new scanner is Gar-bage while the old runs a red line through things, I scanned my afternoon away. Dinner was a lesson in how not to use the “no-fat” cheese to top oven baked things, and the after dinner lesson was to bring a stronger flashlight to read by while G walks. Home to yes, it was 100% full. Gosh. 128 G HD totally full of old pictures and old journals. That’s a lot of flat out stuff.

And I want to keep it all. It’s me. It’s my brain, my memory, actually.

Dr. Harriette Schapiro and Duck, Christmas 1998.

There was some of his things there too. He was a kind man and took a lot of stuff he wasn’t using off that HD. Sorted, deleted, smiled at me, and answered all my dumb questions. I remembered to write things down in hopes of remembering them.

It appears my antique has a 228 G HD with 4.05 of it in another HD for backup stuff. I learned that not only is this too small….especially for those who take a lot of pictures, they now make 800 G HD’s, tho that isn’t compatible with the storage computer or my computer.

Ah, I’m forced into the 21st century while still recording the 20th.

<G under siege by three grandsons. 1999.

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