January 16, 2009

MidCentury Modern

One of Enrico Paulucci’s watercolor on Melamine panels from the SS EUGENIO C, (EUGENIO COSTA, EDINBURGH CASTLE, and finally THE BIG RED BOAT II) seen on Peter Knego’s MidShipCentury.com with permission, copyright Peter Knego, 2006.

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The first I heard the phrase “Mid-Century Modern,” was on Peter Knego’s blog MidShipCentury. I thought, “That doesn’t make any sense.” These things are modern. Only after turning my brain back on did I realize language would have to make room for the “Modern” of today as well as the modern of yesterday.

If today’s architecture and decoration are considered modern, how do we classify the wonderful mid-twentieth century stylings. These forms were grown from the form follows function designs of the Bauhaus. The scientific thinking of the time and use of new materials in most Mid-Century Modernist items create simple yet pleasing objects. Decoration is often light and amusing in line though often thick in texture. Curves contrast with the dramatic straight line of glass or metal.

Many architecture designed homes were post and beam with glass walls to let in the world. Often homes and cars had fins all the better to become space born with.

Twenty first century modern is weightier and sometimes lacks the humor and lift of the mid twentieth century works. Check some of these links out. You might be inspired to go to the moon or at least inspire to go back to the stars.


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Mid-Century Modern League: Celebrating Atomic Living. You are gonna love it.

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A gallery of architect Gary Turpening’s Favorite Buildings

Detail from the Enrico Paulucci watercolor on Melamine panels from the SS Eugenio C seen on Peter Knego’s MidShipCentury.com shown with permission. Copyright Peter Knego, 2006.

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  1. You posted such nice things for us to look at while you are recovering. I'm most impressed with your planning and organization. I don't think I could have done it.

    I hope your recovery is swift. You have all of my good thoughts.


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