January 8, 2009


Queen Mary First Class Dining Room, Long Beach, CA, May 1999.

Himself: Cleaning up more Mexico stuff. Walked second day in a row.

Herself: School…..last class at the city facility which will now close to save money. We are moving up to a local Episcopalian Church. Struggled for two some hours with the new scanner ripping out each picture to scan it and damaging the 99 journal in the process. Talked with Marion B who was pooped after struggling with a new computer desk. Today swim then Poetry Lunch. Struggling every day to get online. All three computers are hit and miss until about 5:30 and again at 7:30 become a struggle. Grrrrrrrrr.

Balance: Cold almost gone. Old scanner back in operation. Ommmmmmm.

After class yesterday, I came home to struggle with the new scanner/printer/fax and it’s mediocre images. I couldn’t crop the pictures in it either, so each picture had to be put into the machine singly. All afternoon, I was carefully ripping out Queen Mary images from the 1999 journal pages and scanning them. I’d scan one, rip out the next, and scan that…..all while playing, and usually winning, simple games of spider solitaire. In two hours, I had scanned ten pictures.

Nope, that’s not the way it’s supposed to go.

I groveled heartily all over my dear G, after he had been fed, suggesting the old scanner was repairable in hopes of saving the pages of my paper journals. There are hundreds of Queen Mary images just waiting to tear holes in those fragile pages, I suggested.

He fixed the old HP scanner with a great burst of effort, and in five minutes I had scanned four images and not ripped up a single page. Salvage triumphant thanks to G. He can blush now.

Empty Queen Mary First Class Pool, Long Beach, CA, May 1999. It’s gone dramatically down hill from these photographs as the sides of the pool continue to detach and curve inward from the decking.

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  1. Just out of curiosity about the old and new scanners...we just got a new scanner, too, one of those do a jillion other things jobs, and I like my old, an old Canon flatbed much better than the new Epson, although the Epson produces cleaner copy. Probably I need to somehow clean the Canon bed and screen. I was just wondering what brands you're dealing with.


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