January 25, 2009

One of those good days.......

The OB Kite Parade in front of the just modernized OBCS. Boy did they ruin a perfectly good Victorian building, but they have the drawing hanging in the lobby today. 1989.

Himself: “I am doing really good….today.”

Herself: Better all around despite beyond vivid dreams again last night. Two more days of those pills.

Balance: Delighting in the beauty of the day.

Caught my attention: The Inauguration of President Barack Obama: Stunning photos

Various and sundry estate sales yielded volumes of real hardbound cookbooks yesterday. Just the sort of stuff I am always looking for to give as gifts. “Fanny Merritt Farmer’s Boston Cooking School Cook Book”…….only they call it something else now. Two hard bound “Joy’s.” A nice pile of older “Sunset” hardbounds circa 1947. Delightful booty.

And a pristine, chrome, 1938 toaster that the trunk of the Toyota promptly dented. Oh, the sorrow of it all. G thinks the dent can be gently rolled out.

We took pictures at Marion’s. We ate out at a real restaurant that had cloth napkins and Marion grabbed the tab before I could, thank you Marion. We toasted G’s birthday, we wrote and played with photographs. It was that sort of glorious, do nothing, major day. A cherished day. A wonderful day to be remembered later.

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Here are a few of the delightful Steampunk folks enjoying the alternative world the museum offered this night.   So glad I could go.  ...