January 11, 2009

Stopping by.........

Stopping by an estate sale then looking up…….

Himself: “I had a good day”……and he walked too.

Herself: Had a lot of fun doing “stuff” yesterday. Today on to planning meals for the week. Ones G can cook easily. Getting groceries too. Scanning the last of Journal 1999 to clear the desk surface. Going out into the world with a camera just for the fun of it.

Balance: Woke feeling really excellent this morning. A wow moment. I must be doing something really right.

  • One of those, “are we washing the car, oh, weren’t we supposed to take the car into the shop this morning” mornings.

    It was time to service the Toyota and they wash it for free. On the way out of the Toyota service drive, it was one of those” weren’t we supposed to stop by City Chevy and get a new gas cap for the truck” moments. Obviously a day of long descriptive sentences.

    The gas cap was sold to us by one of G’s old drivers at the tow company….a nice guy. Good to see him but surprised to see the grey in his beard. Obviously too, I need to wake up a bit.

  • Estate sales. I keep my eye out for locally compiled cookbooks. More and more I am focusing only locally as my shelves grow by one or two of these a week now. This day I found one made by a church at 7th an F street downtown in 1911. A wonderful little piece that the person running the estate sale caught only as I was leaving. “Make sure you give this to the Historical Society when you are done with it,” she told us. I agreed……for this is a most precious object among about ten others bought for a buck.

    One estate sale, down deep in a valley that was supposed to be preserved as open space, was run by a family all dressed in identical gold shirts. The dad couldn’t climb the many stairs any more, and all the kids arrived to help sell the detritus of all those many years. Mom was the cashier. The kids were being ruthless. ”Don’t tell mom that the stuff we put in the dumpster is worth money,” said one daughter. I promised to remain mum. Imagine, fifty years of Parade magazine in the dumpster tho.

    As we were leaving, we both looked up and spotted a familiar home high on the hill above us. You bet I got pictures.

  • I continue to slim down my house contents. I came home to clean out the Pyrex shelves. Not quite ruthlessly, I admit to this, but I did reduce the Pyrex shelf to just what we use. Then, just to continue things, I got rid of a cup measure or two as a gesture toward simplicity. There’s still four glass cups and one set of metal ones to check my feelings of satisfaction.

    Perhaps I will organize the pantry today. Can you imagine?

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  1. I sure could organize my pantry. I can't find things and then end up buying dupilcates. When is your surgery?


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