January 24, 2009

The White Dinghy

A white dinghy. Jan 2009.

Himself: How is he? Waking up, actually. (It’s his birthday weekend, and he suggested a movie.)

Herself: Played with scanning through lunch, then took the afternoon off. When those little butterfly bandages started coming off, I took them off to discover a long row of running sutures were still in there. Nope, they can’t see me till Monday and suggested that if it became infected I should go to the emergency room. I am not impressed. Wrote ditty that made Marion B laugh.

Balance: Walking with camera in hand.

PS: It's National Pie Day. Check Wintersong's entry here. You will find this delightful.

I walk, or should I say, saunter, very slowly down the top of the jetty with my camera in hand. The only day this week, so far, that I’ve forgotten my camera was the day two cruise ships left port…..or was that the day the aircraft carrier came in to port.

There are days I get a good picture. Sometimes they turn out to be art. Sometimes they are doodles……tho amusing. Sometimes my photo host burps…..as it did with the dinghy image, and as it tried to do with today’s picture. There are days I get nothing but garbage. Sometimes it’s as if I left my brain at home….some of you will understand.

Then there are compromise days when part of the image was good. After a simple soup and grilled cheese sandwich last night, I peeked into the mysteries of Photoshop to see if I could salvage a shot that didn’t quite make it. Sometimes, even Photoshop can’t quite bring the image from my minds eye onto the screen. Other times almost is the best available tool.


  1. After I saw the opening photo I could hardly wait to get here to say how impressed I was with the "art" in this shot. The textures. The undefinable, is it mood? It just totally woke up something in me! Then at the end I see the same shot with more distance. I see that same dinghy now as a metaphor for old me juxtaposed against all those young happy boats in the water and I want to scream "I'm not all washed up, I'm just a quieter type of beauty!" P.S. Thanks for mentioning National Pie Day; our party last night was sensational! Yummy pies, scintillating conversation, leftovers to take home! I wish everyone would try it.

  2. Mage, I just love the top photo. It reminds me of all those years when I sailed. So many fond memories came flowing back. Thanks.

  3. i'm with alice and lilalia . . . the top foto evokes mystery: who rowed it, where from, why, what's next . . . i could go on. but not have ever been been in yer neck of the woods and seeing the sailboats at anchor and reading about cruise ships . . . that makes me wonder where this this was taken. anhow, be good to yourself. fast healing energies coming yer way.


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