February 4, 2009


That box shape off the point of land in the distance, is a car carrier heading out to sea. 2009.

Himself: Getting rounder despite all his efforts. Portion control is the key one of the John’s says.

Herself: Swam, forgot my teeth cleaning appointment…and got a call, was cleaning up bookshelves. Bad allergy attack. Today school. Tonight portion control.

Balance: Got most of some of the hidden dust mites and their poo.

Caught my attention: blog...he’s the entertainment director for Cunard.

Achoooooooo……..that was me.

I’m still moving dust mites around, but yesterday they moved me. Books to go out were gone, finds to be scanned were piled here and there, but two fat journals and a bowl of maps defeated me.

I’ll never know what those dust mites ate or what collected around them to produce such formidable detritus, but every bit of my body was offended by even being in the same room with them.

I showered, sat down here, and I started sneezing. I figured the morning antihistamine hadn’t kicked in yet, so I gave it a little time. Nope. I began blowing my nose, but soon I abandoned the computer to make an emergency attack on those two journals and maps. Move a map and wash. Rinse the nose and move another map. Wash my face and hands and sort a few more maps. Change clothes et al. That was me. By the time G got home from his first adventure with his new crown, I was freshly washed and dressed, raw faced, dry skinned, and my nose was still running. Achoooooo.

This morning, I can clearly say there is still one tiny irritant……TMI, up one nose. Perhaps a long lost kitty hair. Achoooooooo. I’ll take a hankie to class…..knowing my worst bookshelves are a heck of a lot cleaner......achoooooooo……….

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