February 22, 2009

By The Bay...

The setting sun on the tall sail of the “Stars and Stripes.”

Himself: Worked all day Saturday. Getting a lot of overtime this week. Sealing garage for the silverfish bombs this coming weekend. Museum today. Oscar party tonight. We are briefly being social butterflies.

Herself: Got a lot of little projects done. Dinner with the Feasters last night, and an Oscar party tonight….for a little while. We will leave before the presentations start as G still has to get up at 4.

Balance: Some folks aren’t able to let go. What I need to do is let go of it all and just try to be the best I can.

Caught my attention: The exquisite beauty and drama of 118’s work photos.

G walks by the bay almost every day now. Since I work out in the mornings, I sit in the car with a book and my camera. Some days there’s not one thing going by. Other days I never get a word read.

The Roaster Toaster Coasties…..in a cutter I’ve never seen before National Security Cutter: the CGC Bertholf..

Here is a very large trimaran with a very tall mast being towed up the bay. It meets up with what looks like a little sail boat. Which isn’t little at all….it’s the “Stars and Stripes”….the America’s Cup winner.

Another one of those entertaining little tractor’s come by.

A moment of peace in the middle of a busy life.


  1. these tractors are really interesting. did you catch names or companies? thanks for this. more more. :) hope you're well

  2. What a beautiful place to walk if these pictures are an indication! Here, although it's a beautiful I have in the neighborhood, it's either uphill or down almost all the way. Any excuse is better than none.

  3. I drove around for an hour this morning trying to find some peace, I wish there was a place close by like this where I could just watch. I suppose I should try and find one.


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