February 24, 2009

Car Carriers Ho!

Hubbell’s water nymph waving at the passing ships.

Himself: He was really not ok at all the whole day yesterday. I felt so sorry for him when I saw him after work. He insisted on walking but wasn’t hungry.

Herself: The days fly by. Something we ate Sunday night laid us both low yesterday. Some better today but still thick. Working on an outline of the KdF ships history.

Balance: He remembered cards, I remembered a card. He has a board meeting today, we are out of toilet paper, so we will laugh together over pizza at Costco and will celebrate this weekend at Tehachap’s new house. I need to find a house gift this week.

Caught my attention: The Great Ocean Liners. I’ve been using this all week as a general reference and find it wonderfully complete as well as a fascinating site to read.

It was good to see the teaching friends Saturday night, and it was equally good to see the sober friends gathered about the TV Sunday night for the Oscars.

Sunday day I’d drawn and photographed in the park while G worked at the Automotive Museum. I was energized, inspired, and enthused but produced mud. While I spent Monday doing TMI things, G came home ready to walk. We parked at the other end of the island this day, and new views stirred my sluggish imagination again.

The “Sanderling Ace” heading out past the nymph and Point Loma.

Half an hour later we catch the car carrier Pacific Breeze heading out to sea too.

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  1. your ship pics . . . love'em. keep them coming. what's the story about hubbell's nymph? is hubbell also a scuptor? hope you're well.


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