February 1, 2009

A Dinner Remembering

The car carrier Orion Diamond leaving port while the HAL ship is still tied up. Jan 2009.

Himself: Still laughing.

Herself: Still laughing.

Balance: An evening with friends.

Caught my attention: Do stop in to Studio Ruthe where our heroine blogs, jaunts, travels, and makes lovely books about the world she finds out there.

The cars and trucks we drive arrive on the west coast in these ugly boxes. Several times a week, they arrive filled with Hyundai’s, Kia’s, Mitsubishi’s, Mazda’s…..these are the big companies that ship here.

I keep on sauntering while G power walks my camera in hand to catch bits of live on the bay. Yes, I’m grateful to be sauntering again. That fink, G, has lost over fifteen pounds….walking and Weight Watchers does work. Smaller portions too.

Dinner was out and very good, but the portions were ginormous….yes, it’s a new word in the dictionary. One of the John’s asked for a half size plate, please. I’d never seen that option coming. Wonderful. I got a half sized plate too then felt heroic. Tho full, I still had room for a fruited brownie which I had cooked a little long. Delicious anyway….especially with friends remembering Duck’s birthday. He would have been 83.

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