February 7, 2009


Himself: A good week…..he’s pleased. He found an estate sale to stop by this morning.
Herself: Ate too, too much yesterday. Looking for a living room lamp so each chair has light.
Balance: Off to the hinterlands to see eldest Marie and her young’en, Madgie.
Caught my attention: Don’t forget to follow the adventures of John and Graham as they fix up their new bungalow in Wales in his blog “Journal of a Writing Man.”

The rain woke us with its thunderous drumming in the middle of the night. It was as if someone dumped an unending bucket of water over our heads around midnight to the accompaniment of assorted tympani enthusiastically banging and tanging in the background. Not just a gentle drip and tap, no, this was an “every hose in the world turned on at the same time and same place” sound. It came crashing down wildly waking us, and both of us laid under the covers, ears wide open, until the unexpected sounds faded slightly, and we were able to slide back into sleep.

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