February 20, 2009

Here a tug, there a tug....

Robyn J and a barge exiting San Diego Bay. 2009.

Himself: Came home all perky and walked energetically.

Herself: Felt really good yesterday. Thinking about taking a brief vacation from blogging. Perhaps I will just post pictures. Perhaps I won’t be here every day. Both G and I will be gone next weekend…..not this upcoming one. We will see what happens.

Everyday I go along with G to his evening walks. He walks; I read or take pictures.

No, I will never get thin this way.

Yes, I have grown interested in the tugs that work our harbor. Oh, I photograph the ships, even a navy ship without a number last week, and increasingly I photograph anything that moves. Last week, I caught a glimpse of the Robyn J pulling a lightly loaded barge out to sea. Later in the week, with no camera in hand, I saw the Robyn J pulling a fully loaded barge with a tall ramp and obvious signs of trucks aboard. I’ve seen her pull lots of other barges out as she seems to work more than many other tugs around here.

Yesterday, again without camera….like an artist without portfolio, there was a giant ocean going Navy tug that would have made ten of the Robyn J. Then again, I’ve seen two of the old style Navy tugs…..white topsides and black hulls, masts flat…a bit larger than the Robyn J. For a while we had a fleet of red and white tugs….in all sizes. They were here as part of a dredging project. When they were done, off they went.

We seem to have five or six of those modern cadmium orange and red tugs too….maybe more. I’ve never seen them do anything but Navy work. They are ones that go any direction full speed. I must admit it is funny to see one of them doing twelve plus knots down the bay backwards.

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