February 6, 2009

I'm Going To..........

Teeth, 2007. Just like this….with only one jig there and only one tooth discolored. I’ll take that even with the wrinkles and fuchsia bra strap showing.

Himself: Doing thinner again. His company, despite losses with the Mexico venture, made the papers with a profit this morning.

Herself: See below plus swim, shower, work at Cancer Society.

Balance: Out to dinner. Hoooooo Rah.

Caught my attention: Captain Greybeard is your expert guide to cruise ships and cruise holidays.

  • ….kiss G, drink my coffee, and come here to poke my computer a bit before starting my day.

  • …smile. Why? Tehachap poked me, and after a very long silence from G, I just unilaterally agreed to a date to go visit her and hub then told G later. He was pleased. This blog will be dark the weekend of the 28th……how absolutely delightful to go visit a kindred spirit. I’m looking forward to this. Originally, MB was to have gone with us. I won’t do her the disservice of not asking her, but I can’t see her having the energy for the long drive up there.

  • …frown. Yes, we swim in the rain says our water aerobics instructor. I think that said it all on that topic. One other woman commented that we didn’t swim when there was lightening. A slightly reassuring coda.

  • …smile. Slowly my handwriting becomes more readable. Hand strength now seems to be a key. After I have been writing for a few minutes, there’s still a weak, shaky line in each letter I make. Therapy appointments moved again as the original therapist broke a bone. I have to remember to look at the appointment book every day…something so easily forgotten when one has no brains.

  • …keep on smiling. My teeth and gums are the best they have ever been. Imagine. One small back filling…..next week. You bet I’m smiling.

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  1. Mage, what a whimsical post. Made me smile for sure.


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