February 5, 2009

Red Sky In The Morning

From the sub base to downtown, a view of our city from the top of Point Loma. 2009.

Himself: Meetings, finding a good employee, walking in the sun. All but his hair is having a good life.

Herself: Class was great with new students reading. Lots of new students. No Marion. She did her doc’s. Slowly making friends in class. Took book to top of Point. Walked with G. Lite dinner. First draft of the Horror poem.

Balance: Warmth and beautiful sunshine.

This morning the sky outside is a powerful, madly striped, peach. “Red sky in the morning; sailors take warning,” is the old saying. A storm is on the way, but yesterday the sky was a piercing blue that I couldn’t leave to go in and work. Today the world turns cold and grey. For the moment, that’s ok too.

Islands off the Mexican coastline south of the Point. 2009.

Fishing. 2009.

This is why I live here. Just for a moment, everything goes on forever.

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  1. Seeing pictures like that I'd like to live there too. It's 15 degrees here, but it is supposed to warm up today, to 35. It will feel like a heat wave.


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