February 8, 2009

Watch a Miracle

Himself: Having fun filling out our accountants little blanks. This is the first year we send everything to him electronically. He’s filed electronically for us several years, but we don’t have to trek over there with our piles of papers this year.

Herself: Excited to tears over my daughters teeth as a symbol of her health.

Balance: Teeth, always teeth even tho G often thinks there’s no life without happy feet.

Caught my attention: I often stop to have a View from a Japanese Mountainside in the evenings.

There are those days, those wonderful days, when miracles truly show their faces.

1 comment:

  1. What beautiful teeth! The first thing I noticed though I didn't know they would be mentioned in the post. This comes from a jealous blogger with very bad, very crooked, badly aligned teeth and jaw in a too small mouth. As for G's thoughts, either place, the mouth or the feet, can make you forget everything else int he universe if they aren't working well! (Oh yeah, nice baby pictures and others.)


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