February 18, 2009

Wind Me Up

I finished scanning Gramma Maude’s found-at-last folder. There’s my father, Gunny, after he got out of the army…..perhaps 1942, Gramma Maude, and me in the bushes as usual.

Himself: He’s called a “coach,” but he’s really an analyst.

Herself: I even found time to read. Today school. No heat. Very cold.

Balance: Half an hour with a book by the bay in the sunshine..

Hey, see that big key on my side? It’s a tool to just wind me up and let me go.

  • First I blogged then next was water aerobics. Last week there was one cold day when I was the only student. Yesterday was the first day I actually thought about not going out into the coldness of an irregularly heated outdoor pool. But I went, and in five of us got, and jogging along we went to the usual commentary. One topic yesterday was reading. There’s a tendency toward liberal Democrats in this morning class. Tho they read, they don’t keep their books. They don’t reread.

    “We give them away,” said one lady. “Pass them on.”

    And the librarian who introduced me to computers long ago at the OB library told us all, “There’s so many books to read and only so much time.”

    A good argument by an expert, but I am loathe to lose the friends I make on these now yellowed pages. I reread. This week I am rereading the Rosemary Kirstein Outskirter series about what happens when terraforming a planet is taken over by one person with evil intent, and the rest of the planet’s population are left in the dark. Beautifully crafted.

  • Next I showered and put a bit of polish on my wetness before heading off to the next PT appointment to ask, “Can this be the last one?” It could, I met their goals…and mine, and was let loose in the world with one more exercise added to my list, a still pink and very tender ½ inch stripe of skin on the hand, and no more forty buck appointments.

  • Lunch was a mild exercise in futility. I had a hard time finding the newest “La Salsa” that opened near us in the revitalized NTC. Round and round Grumpy and I went…circling the tents and high school students….none of which were either the granddaughter or grandson who attend that school. Finally there it was. There was a lunch special….too much food, but best of all, I can find it again to show G.

  • Home to call Bee, who survived a very physical vacation in Park City Utah. Home also to deal with prescriptions…..which I was still dealing with at two PM. Our regular doc was on vacation and the replacement wanted to know why this? For the itchies. Why that? Make an appointment. Why? It was all endless. They were finally faxed in.

  • Home and dealing with projects and piles. The mending pile today. I had ground to a halt on this. One deep green velvet dress needed its shoulders taken down a bit. When I opened the shoulders up, the facing was a biodegrading mess that started me on a cycle of endless sneezing. I finally jump started the project again yesterday by throwing away the dress. Oh Darn!

  • Printing out the rewritten “Prora” piece too. Then I forgot to take it with me when I went with G before dinner to walk, to pick up WW bars and dishwashing-er soap at Vons. I was next door getting blue thread to mend blue pants from JoAnne’s…..speaking of endless and never getting customer service……and home to dinner.

  • A baked potatoe and salad dinner. A dash of “Cash Cab” often with questions I can answer and a book in my lap, a little tucked under a quilt with a book, and time squished next to G with NCIS with my book. Sometimes, it’s good to wind down tucked in apolitically under a quilt.

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