February 2, 2009


What Would Jimmy Buffett Do.

Himself: With clothes on, he has gained a bit of weight thanks to several deserts.

Herself: We finished off brownies and whipped cream and am not getting on the scales.

Balance: “Mall Cop,” and NO deserts what ever happens. I’m going to start taking carrots to the movies.

Caught my attention: Laughter.

  • Movies several weeks in a row. First “Inkheart,” a delightful fantasy with a happy ending, then yesterday “Paul Blart, Mall Cop.” Slapstick, but delightful. No wonder it’s been such a big hit. Thanks to the Campo family, we still have our Christmas gift card for more movies.

  • Older neighbor friend who fell is now staying with her daughter up the coast, and we are keeping and eye on her place. She’s fading much like Duck did, but she has family tho they are contentious.

  • Not calling Bee first thing, water aerobics first, then Bee, then grocery shopping. Then again, I have to plan menus first. Small busy day.

    Tomorrow is a big busy day with crown prep for G….sometimes you gotta laugh. I’m committed to swimming three days a week too. After looking at the week, I drew a line through Saturday and Sunday. Enough.

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  1. We've seen a few movies (in the theater) since Christmas and enjoyed them all. The surprise is that those have been nominated for best picture and believe me they were some of the best! Strange Tale of Benjamin Button, Slumdog Millionaire, and The Reader. Check them out on movie blogs, since you have some movie gift tickets left. I'm saving Mall Cop for Red Box. It looks good.


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Here are a few of the delightful Steampunk folks enjoying the alternative world the museum offered this night.   So glad I could go.  ...