March 20, 2009


Who would have imagined that these bits of juicy flowers and gesturalism were created by Georges Braque, the father of Cubism. He adapted very well to change.

I haven’t quite adapted to Saturday’s new patterns. Yes, we have mornings together, but I still miss our afternoon freedoms. Yes, I’m being selfish. Yes, too, I hadn’t realized how much that one, completely unencumbered day together meant to me.

And shopping. Oh, doubly selfish me. We are truly Mr. and Mrs. Shoptillyoudrop with no thrift stores open on Sundays. Obviously, it’s time to change not only our weekend patterns but also time to change our way of thinking.

Most importantly, no more spending much of Sunday doing laundry. He flows with everything. I'm the one who needs to adapt to the new patterns. One way to do this is getting the housework done during the week to free up Sundays. Who knows what will follow this.

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