March 24, 2009

A Beary Good Time

One bear was pacing by the top gates. Perhaps he or she was bored. There was nothing bored about this bear. He was having fun.

Himself: Work, walk, eat, play old 32bit games on his very old computer, bed.

Herself: Swim, laundry…and started it before I remembered to shower so I had to wait shivering, started the next Nazi piece on art, sculpture, and graphics. Learning a lot. Used the first recipe from the Greek cookbook. Really good baked zucchini with two kinds of onions and tomatoes with lots of parsley plus a crumb topping. I’ll do that again any day.

Yesterday's top bee photograph is just a cropping of the bottom bee photograph.

Reading: Still reading ”Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”…which is absolutely fascinating and full of tips for my brief essay on Nazi art.

Balance: The windy peace of the bay. The flag was at half mast at the Harbor Patrol office for the officers killed in Oakland.

Caught my attention: Esoterica: German Typefaces.

They call it enrichment. Zoo animals are no longer just on display, especially the endangered species, they are also kept busy all day. Seaweed to eat, carrots here, fish there, and melon too. This day, there was snow.

While one bear paced at the gates, this bear ate seaweed, slid down a snow bank, tantalized the fans by pushing off the glass, and played with his floating toys.

I wasn’t in the front to take my photographs, but I caught one or two bear glimpses despite the lines of people in front of me.

And a beary good time was had by all.

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