March 18, 2009


Car carriers….the ugliest ships in the world still move up and down the bay from Japan. 2009.

Himself: Got upgraded RAM in his cranky work computer. He’s still smiling today.

Herself: Getting ready for two days of “Hurry up and wait.” I’ll take a book. Sticking tightly to Weight Watchers tho I don’t consider fake cheese as cheese.

Reading: Volume 4 in the Vatta series. Taking volume 5 with me.

Balance: Diet Coke. Sometimes a sip of something cold and caffeine filled makes the day.

There are those moments when you know you have gone and overbooked yourself….again. Doing two things at almost at the same time fits that category in my mind. Swimming and school, for instance. Today I’m compressing life and smiling.

Money, it all comes down to money and a chance to do a little maintenance on Grumpy.

A tiny drop of cash arrived from a ancient trust inherited from a grandmother I never knew. I’d like to have known her. Grumpy’s headliner, which felt so soft and smooth when we bought him is rapidly falling down on both the driver and passengers heads while the sun visor’s are collapsing into powdered senility. I’ve made an appointment for him at the upholstery shop tomorrow at seven am. When I usually swim.

Today I usually just go to school.

So today I swim and go to school……two wardrobes are packed for two occasions. Lunch is packed. I’m sure I will forget something. Tomorrow I take Grumpy to the shop and stick around until he is done. No swimming. I’m sure I’ll forget something.

Now where was that shop? I need to look up the address.

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