March 7, 2009


Vealville, right after a Keene lunch. Tehachapi. 2009. (I’m sure if I am wrong, there will be a correction.)

Himself: Came home to say he had a very good day. He’s docenting by himself today.

Herself: Yesterday was a really busy but awfully good day. I did buy four things at the Discovery store yesterday too. Today: Amvets for a white shirt without spots, lunch, he works in the park while I go to a museum, dinner out.

Balance: Work and reading….what perfection.

Caught my attention: Curious Expeditions: Traveling and Exhuming the Extordinary past. Everything from the kitchen sink to the bacteria down the drain. I find it fascinating.

We are out and about in the museum world again today. He’s the car guy, and I am out there lose in Balboa Park with my camera in hand.

We have memberships in this and that and there too. I could stop by the Zoo and see the baby critters… is spring you know. I could go oh and ah at the mural in the Air and Space Museum, or gape at the bodies in the Natural History Museum. They have one of those plasticized-body shows going right now. Spanish Village art center is free as is the Timkin art museum and another art group I used to belong to. There’s always the Museum of Man, or the Fine Art Gallery which I think is called something else now, or the Photographic Arts Museum. They charge. They are all laying off employees too. Twenty at the fine art museum.

Or, I could just make my way around the museums collecting senior membership applications to read later at my leisure. Or I could go back to the SD Historical Society and volunteer….tho that was only a fleeting thought. I’m still so angry at them for giving up those two historical properties.

He’s standing all afternoon. I’m walking with a backpack, water, munchies, book…. always a book….and humor. Will it rain? It’s going to be a walk of exploration, and I’m looking forward to it.

Mr. and Mrs. Roundy rounder than ever. Tehachapi, 2009.

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