March 9, 2009


The Puppet Theater. One of three buildings that line the West end of this Balboa Park mesa. 2009.

Himself: He did ALL the laundry yesterday. An appalling amount, actually, and it took all day to get it done.

Herself: From-scratch waffles taste vastly better than boxed mix. Tonight: leftovers with broiled asparagus. Tuesday and Thursday: Chicken pie with leftover chicken two salads. Wednesday: Beef Strogonoff over noodles with salad. Friday: Out, out out……I can do out.

Balance: Finding some pretty good looking waffle irons online after dinner.

I made up the menus mid morning. Doesn’t everyone? No, few do, but I am so short brained that if I don’t write everything down plus the shopping list, nothing gets done or remembered.

We hung out most of the morning in hopes of being here when Tehachap came to pick up her light. No her, so after sandwiches for lunch at a time that didn’t feel right, all day I thought everything was off and nothing G said would straighten my sense of offness out, we went grocery shopping. Someone came while we were gone and got the light. We hoped it would be them. We called. We called both their cells. No answer.

Best of all, we took the afternoon off.

Imagine, sunshine, a book, and a cold diet coke. He came upstairs and played computer games while I vanished into space opera.

Then waffles. I actually read the instructions for our new waffle maker. The feet fell off. We fixed that. A spring clip fell off then broke. We could have put up with that. We made the waffle batter from mother’s cookbook, and the waffles came out all wrong. Perhaps it was the first batch. The second didn’t heat evenly either.

Oh, the flavor was marvelous. The waffles weren’t crisp and browned. That wouldn’t do. Not at all. G thought about donating it……not a broken waffle maker. I, who take nothing back, am going to take this little appliance back. We came upstairs and did research….which is what we should have done in the first place. He found a Cuisinart he liked. I found a Black and Decker I liked at Walmart….a place I still boycott. He was hesitant to show me. Maybe this afternoon after his meeting, after our lunch with Bee and her husband Miles down from LA, maybe then we can take one back and buy another.

They called. No small child stole the light, they had picked it up. Oh hurrah.

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