March 16, 2009

Green Beans and Waffles

Sopwith Pup Propeller, Air and Space Museum, Balboa Park, 2009.

Himself: Helped me set up the drill and grinding wheels. Did the dishes, and played his new computer game before being the perfect host and chef.

Herself: Ground rust off antique forks. Did laundry. Green beans for breakfast is the new mantra.

Reading: The space opera of Elizabeth Moon's Vatta series.

Balance: Dinner.

Oh, there was nothing at all Weight Watchers about dinner last night. Dinner was high calorie, high carbs, high fat, high sugar, and it was simply delicious.

We’d been back to the Rummage Sale early, but the items we had our eyes on were sold. I picked up a couple of good cookbooks, and we fled the park to eat a fast food hamburger downtown. Where……when leaving the Jack in The Box, we ran over a package of catchup. Which….exploded all over Grumpy’s side. It’s amazing how far a catchup explosion will reach.

Grumpy got washed, and I spent the rest of the afternoon grinding rust off forks. It had been fun to look at them displayed on the window sill, but it wasn’t so much fun to spend an afternoon grinding rust off iron forks until dinner time.

Dinner was a roaring success after we remembered to spray the waffle iron with oil. Both Mohave and Lenora were on their best behaviors at this “test” of the new waffle iron. We all ate too many waffles, syrup, butter, and wallowed in our enjoyment. We shared gossip, laughter, and news…..all of which fitted the day perfectly. The new waffle iron was deemed a huge success and the success will be repeated often once we get skinnier.

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  1. Ha ha ha ha! My chuckle for the day. Thanks, you.


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