March 4, 2009



Herself: Swam. Hacked and slashed on the KdF ship piece all day. Read while he walked. The waffle iron missing an electrical cover….so we had pancakes and bacon. Oh, the guilt didn’t last long.

Balance: Meatloaf tonight.

Caught my attention: The Wilhelm Gustloff pages document the greatest sea disaster ever. Over 9,000 refugees died when this ship was sunk in the Baltic sea.

Most of the day, not all day as I confess to swimming first, showering first, and making a blog entry here first. But most of the day, I worked on the KdF ship piece.

I get lost so very easily. After an hour or so, I find myself not hacking any more but sitting bemused, or lost muse as the case may be, wondering what thread I was trying to work in, what thread I was trying to loosen, or was it lunch time, or since it isn’t lunch time how can I tie this or that bit back in. Lost indeed.

I’d like this piece to be whole cloth, not using a basic term paper, research technique, and when done send off to a contest or two. I want be able to justify this work I’ve done on myself learning to write. I’d like it to be good enough to send out into the world beyond the blog. Personally, I think it fascinating. G thinks the subject fascinating. It’s a happy story that collapses into intrigue, terror, horror, and death. Can I capture all this in my lostness?


  1. The second photograph shows evidence of a history of seimsmic instabilities. The landscape is beautiful, but all those curves, like those of some beautiful women, tell you of potential danger...

  2. I'm having trouble getting lost in thought like that these days. Going through a funk I guess. Summer can't be far behind the winds today so I'll hold on. Beautiful pix today.


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