March 2, 2009

In Training 1

Himself: Drove, laughed, took pictures, ate.

Herself: Read maps, had a ball, ate. Now: errands, laundry, et al.

Balance: Special friends are irreplaceable.

Caught my attention: Tehachapi Web Cam Train Orders: see the trains go by in Tehachapi.

The green of the hills was almost overpowering in their intensity. Tehachap and her Hub went out of their way to show us their charming mountain town in all it’s beauty, and we had a wonderful time.

Trains everywhere…..that suited us perfectly. These two trains are running right below their home. And different kinds of trains….this one carries the continuous rail that the trains use now going down the mountain past a heavily loaded freight heading up…with two engines pushing.

Our host and hostess at their brand new home.

The greens, G catching the passing train at the Tehachapi Loop, and friend Carol.


  1. Lovely photos. There is something about trains that really make me want to go off on a journey.

  2. What a lovely view. I could sit all day and watch the comings and goings and sky.


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