March 22, 2009


One of the mama Orangutans rolling up her dinner. San Diego Zoo, 2009.

Himself: Had a great time talking with car folks. Very unhappy about his computer. One of the processors not the video card.

Herself: Enjoyed the changes. Still smiling.

Reading: “Lord Darcy.”

Balance: Newness.

After a quick visit to Frye’s, lunch, and an estate sale where I found the cookbook of the century…a compilation of Greek favorites from St. Spiridon’s Greek Orthodox Church here in town, G dropped me at the Zoo. Frankly, I’m not used to going to the zoo by myself, and after 25 years of being half of a Saturday pair I was a little apprehensive.

What did I discover? That I had a grand time all by myself.

Where did I go? I flew to the far side of the Zoo and ogled polar bears rolling in the snow. What fun. I left the bears with a grin on my face to wander down the hill, I figured down was a far easier thing than up, to find a great big, hairy, sort of skuzzy looking, familiar person walking across the street in front of me.

I admit. I stopped and stared. Chance it, I thought to myself. “David,” I said? Faintly.

He looked around but kept walking. If I was wrong, I could always apologize.

Emboldened I let my voice get a little louder. “David?” Then, “David,” louder still.

He turned, and before he could say grandma, I beat him to it. “It is you!”

I come barely to his shoulder now. How odd that his mother and I had just been corresponding. How flat out excited to see him I was. How nice he was to me answering all my dumb questions patiently. I was very grateful. After five minutes of dumb stuff and another awkward grandmotherly hug, he was off to the bears and I was back on track for the Condor’s and the primates.

Then still grinning, through Spanish Villiage…an arts enclave in the park, an old folks room….not quite welcomed here but I ate two of their cookies, for which I probably owe them money, before fleeing, then down to the Japanese Garden. It’s only two dollars and fifty cents for seniors. I’ll do that next week. Still smiling, grinning, slowed down only because I am fat and shy a hip, I headed toward the truck.

Finally I found Grumpy tucked in behind the Automotive museum, and read, still smiling, till G returned. Even through dinner with the Feasters, my smile didn’t quit….I brought my camera with me to dinner and shared my smiles. Brought the cookbook too. Everyone left smiling.


  1. Well, how small the world is!

    Sounds like you had a fine time indeed.

  2. Sometimes our best company is ourselves. If you're comfortable with yourself you can be comfortable anywhere and with anybody...well, almost.


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